A monolithic shape at first glance, then an interesting pattern emerges as the transparency of the rattan weave lets the light shine trough revealing it’s framework.

The wardrobe GRAND Light, demands the outmost of the cabinetmakers skills since the dimensions of the structure is very delicate and the rattan weave is challenging for the craftsman to work with. The rattan needs to be damp when fastened in the cabinet, when drying, tremendous forces pulls the framework together and this demands a lot of dexterity and knowhow from the craftsman to avoid deformation. In a way this piece is alive, breathing with the changes in humidity during the year.

This is a time consuming work that can’t be done with the same finish in any other way. No shortcuts can be made, this piece is very representative of what GRAND is all about; craftsmanship and design at its best.

Measure: H190 x W70 x D57cm
Price: SEK 75 000, VAT included
Discrete, classy, minimalistic yet very characteristic. Grand Lock, a cabinet instantly recognizable by its ball clasp lock. This is a piece to store ones precious items in much like a purse. The frame is composed of carefully chosen Swedish pine. The exterior is stained in white and the veneered interior is left natural much like the precious fabric inside of a handbag.

Everything is done by the book; the choice of material, brass fittings, aligned screw heads. Top quality all the way. No compromise.

Measure: H121 x W75 x D37cm
Price: SEK 35 000, VAT included
The images are freely available for use in digital and print publishing relating to GRAND.

Photographer Petter Cohen must always be credited as the source.

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September 2013

GRAND continues the expo tour by going to London. Between the 19-22 September our furniture will be displayed at "Tent London". Be there!

March 2013

“GRAND” is on a european tour, next stop is Milan. GRAND opening at the Ventura Warehouse between the 9-14 of April. Be there!

GRAND is a high-end furniture initiative created by designer Mathieu Gustafsson and cabinet maker Niklas Karlsson.

The name GRAND alludes to both the design and the craftsmanship ambition in the project. All production is made in Sweden by cabinet maker Niklas Karlsson under the artistic direction of designer Mathieu Gustafsson. The ambition of GRAND is to create furniture without compromising on either craftsmanship, design or material. In a sentence; contemporary design with classic high-end craftsmanship.

In the design process, every material is chosen for its aesthetic and functional qualities. The right material in the right place, regardless of parameters such as pricing or current trends. Everything is subordinated the artistic vision and the correct craftsmanship methods.
The first series of furniture launched at the Stockholm furniture fair are cabinets designed with details inspired by handbags. Many accessory details have parallels to the world of furniture and allow themselves to be translated into other forms with similar functions. It is when these details incorporated into a new context become interesting objects.

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